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by Ian 'Sointact' Scott
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Although improvements have been made, esports still largely exclude non-gamers from watching. Some of the problems include viewing platforms, how the pro players are presented, and even the tournaments themselves.

LCS Week 6

The first quarter of gaming shall soon be wrapping up. As we approach March, we await a decently sized line-up of releases, re-releases, remasters, and a just a good bit of fun. Though March will not be as big as February, let’s take a look at what’s coming up next month, and what we loved about February.

Final Fantasy XV

Fe (pronounced fee-uh) is an adventure game that will take you through a vast forest inhabited by diverse wildlife. The animals and the environment coexist in harmony until you discover entities harming the forest known as the Silent Ones.

Renting video games from a nearby video store was how I’ve come to know a few cherished titles. Before an abundance of demos and the means of disposable income, video game rentals were the best way to get a taste of a title on your parent’s dollar without the risk of owning a bad game.

Earlier this week the eight games to appear on this year’s Evolution Fighting Championships (EVO) were announced, and while there were some expected names on that list, there was a surprising amount of love shown for anime fighters this year.

Once upon a time, I refused to play PvP games. I was just terrible at them, and therefore chose to avoid them. Then in 2010 I started playing League of Legends with my friend John. LoL was fun, but I was still terrible, so I walked away from the PvP realm once again. Over the last year or so however, the genre has drawn me back in.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been the most popular game on Steam since it came out, overtaking Dota 2 for the most concurrent players - with over three million worldwide.

Microsoft’s offers Xbox Game Pass, a monthly buffet of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, at $9.99 per month. Up until recently, this service featured an older selection of Xbox One games to compliment the library of Xbox 360 titles, making the service seem a tad questionable unless you had a plethora of titles you needed to catch up on within the last decade.

Final Fantasy XIV continues releasing it’s patch updates, moderately on time, beginning the New Year with Patch 4.2: the Rise of a New Sun update. The update not only brings two new dungeons--one of which being a revamped version of a Heavensward dungeon--but also bringing some really great quality of life updates that a lot of players can feel excited about.