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First impressions: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

In May (2017) I read an article about this crazy upcoming game. It was going to explore psychosis and mental illness in general while presenting a story of Nordic folklore and Gaelic perseverance. The game was called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and I knew immediately that I wanted to play it.

Breaking my Back(log)

I’ve been working nights lately… and preparing for a move to Texas… and I’ve managed to knock more games, movies, and TV off my “backlog” in the last month, at a faster pace, then I have been knocking games off in years. This includes: Getting the platinum trophy for Horizon: Zero Dawn, hit 25% trophy completion in Mass Effect: Andromeda, finished some random trophy hunts I’ve been meaning to in a plethora of games, watched eight movies I've been interested in seeing, and even finished watching Preacher, and Silicon Valley (two shows I had let slip for quite a while).

Coming to terms with your skill level...Summoner's Journal

Coming to terms with your skill level...

I hate these Bronze teammates! I should be in Diamond! (Sound familiar?)

We all struggle with being told we're not as good as we think we are. Competitive video games are often harsh reminders of our own shortcomings. There always is someone better than us, regardless of how good we may be. Competition, whether video games, traditional sports, spelling bees, pie-eating, or cooking (love me some Iron Chef), brings out the best and/or worst in all of us.

Summoner's Journal: Balancing League

Finding the time to play video games has become harder and harder with each passing year (growing older is the worst, but I still refuse to grow up). Like a high school’s art program, video games are the hobby which receives the quickest cuts when I find myself strapped for free time. It’s often easier to unwind by watching an episode of 30 minute TV show, than get invested into a game 30 minutes at a time.

A Summoner's Journey IV: Four phases of a Match

I want to discuss a little bit about the specific phases a game of League is broken into. I reached level 30 the other day, and have been noticing some similarities between games while playing unranked with fellow summoners who are ranked level 20-30. First off, I lose...I lose a lot.