Hearthstone: The Sweetspot of Epic Cards

It’s hard to not get excited over a Legendary card, especially with its entry animation, voice line, and unique abilities. From randomly adding other Legendary cards with Prince Malchezaar to dealing damage to a random enemy character with Ragnaros, Legendary cards are where Blizzard is able to flex their brains and experiment with the mechanics available to them using Hearthstone’s digital format. With Journey to Un’Goro, Blizzard amped up their Legendary game by providing each class with not one, but two Legendary cards (a quest and a minion).

Hearthstone: Adapting to the Un'Goro Meta

Un’Goro has been out for quite a while and the community has gone through multiple different phases. This started with outrage over Quest Rogue, to rising complaints over the price barrier for newer players, to now going back to play Pirate Warrior. Decks that were previously theorized to be amazing turned out bad, while some overlooked cards (such as the Rogue’s Quest) became a pretty strong contender in Standard.

Hearthstone: Un'Goro is Here, What Now?

The year of the mammoth has finally dawned upon Hearthstone and the meta has shifted to welcome the new cards and play style from Journey to Un’Goro. Within the ladder, players are trying out new deck archetypes and experimenting with new cards, so they can become the first player to discover the strongest deck of the meta. It’s been quite a long time since an expansion was able to shake up the meta so wildly, but this has not come with its own faults.

Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro Card Review I

Journey to Un’Goro is the next expansion and with just about a month left before it hits. Blizzard is now giving us a small taste of the set with our very first card announcement stream since the announcement. Here's a Reddit thread to help you stay on top of any revealed card.