Overwatch Re-imagined as Heroes of the Storm #5- Ana

It all started back in Blizzcon 2015 when Tracer was announced to be in Heroes of the Storm (HOTS). There was speculation for many months as to how they were going to approach Tracer and the other Overwatch heroes, but now that Tracer has been released we’ve found out just how well Blizzard mirrored Overwatch’s gameplay. As a player of both games, I thought it a fun experiment to try to imagine all of the Overwatch heroes as HOTS champions. This will also serve as a lasting legacy of how wrong I was when the heroes actually end up coming out!

A Summoner's Journey Part 8: Choosing your Roles

League of Legends has five distinct roles (top, jungle, mid, ADC, and support), a topic I covered in a previous article. Of those five roles, LoL’s dynamic queue allows you to choose two which you would like to focus on. This is an awesome tool as it allows you to adjust what roles you want to try until you find the roles that suit you.