Street Fighter V

Popping Off: The FGC Review #5 - All These Guest Characters Though!

First things first, let’s get to the real reason y’all are here: Last weekend’s two major announcements that took over conversation in the fighting game community.


Popping Off: The FGC Review #3 - Can Menat Be A Top Tier Killer?

Street Fighter V’s second go around of new characters has for the most part been a series of strong additions to the roster, adding a few interesting play styles into the mix (Ed, Kolin) while also adding legacy characters from other Capcom titles that have seen a lot of interest in competitive play (Abigail). Season 2’s penultimate character, Menat, has just released, and already players are finding interesting applications, setups, and combos for the apprentice of SF alumni Rose. Can the fortune teller and her crystal ball foresee a way into the top tiers though?

Popping Off: The FGC Review #2 - Why Embracing "esports" is the FGC's Next Step Forward

Hot on the heels of DreamHack 2017 in Austin, a lot of interesting stories have built up around the fighting game community. Notably, America’s dominance in Street Fighter V (with half of DreamHack’s Top 8 representing the USA, including Panda Gaming’s Punk, winner of both DreamHack and NorCal Regional tournaments); top tier characters being strangely absent in later rounds of the tourney; and Melee’s tournament champ Hungrybox pulling off a heel turn and taking the tournament via timer scam.

Popping Off: The FGC Review - Final Round XX Recap

Final Round XX Recap

It’s hard to believe it's already been nearly a month since Final Round XX took place in Atlanta, but here we are with some questions answered, other questions raised, and enough hype and interesting storylines to last until the next Falcons game. While we won't get too in depth for all the tournament results(which can be found on, here’s a few highlights from the weekend and points of interest that came from one of the south’s most renowned fighting game events: