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And It's Not League of Legends: Shardbound

This comes from fairly far afield. This week, and assumedly for several more months, I have been playing Shardbound which is one of the most fascinating strategy games I’ve played in a very long time. And it is very definitely not League of Legends

What is it?

Total Victory: Brazilquest 2017 pt. 2

The story of Brazil continues. Our nation has just entered into the medieval era and we must prepare for war before it comes to our borders.

Medieval Era: We sharpen our swords made of iron and mount horses. Diplomacy becomes even more important, we send delegations to both Egypt and Rome in order to better know our neighbors and what they are working on.

Let’s Break it Down #3 Tips for Overwatch competitive mode newbies

We finally have it folks, Overwatch competitive mode is here! The mode’s come a long way since its beta iteration. In particular, the ranking system has also been revised.