And It's Not League of Legends: Gigantic

For the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to play Gigantic, a game that I have been anticipating for literally years. I can recall distinctly waiting in line at PAX East 2015 to try and get a chance to play. The line was long but the wait was so worth it. After that public showing, everything Gigantic-related became quiet for almost a year; I thought that the game was lost.

Reviews in Brief: I Am Alive

Hello, readers! With the Steam Summer Sale now over, I have gotten my life back. This week I have been playing I Am Alive, a game developed by Darkworks in partnership with Ubisoft Shanghai and released in 2012. Yes, this game is a bit older but it has been sitting in my Steam library. I Am Alive is an action/adventure survival horror game. It released to mixed reviews ranging from 8/10 from Gamespot to IGN slamming it with a 4.5/10 citing its limited graphics and it's frustrating gameplay elements.

Reviews in Brief: Lethal League


This week I played a game that is an old classic among my friends and I hope to share it with you. Lethal League is an indie title developed by Team Reptile. You can buy it off of their website or through Steam.

What is Lethal League? Oh boy. I would describe the game as rhythm combat baseball. However, that doesn’t quite do this madcap game justice. I suggest watching the trailer:

Reviews in Brief: Atlas Reactor

Hello, readers! This week I would like to share a game that is near and dear to me, Atlas Reactor, a game I’ve been playing since alpha. It’s a turn-based strategy game with simultaneous activations meaning that everyone plans and executes their turns at the same time. The game’s developed by Trion Worlds, who have also worked on other titles like Trove or Rift and it has just entered closed beta.

Reviews in Brief: Clash Royale


Hello readers! I am very excited to continue working with the Electronic Games Federation and I’m glad to be bringing you my next review. At the EGF we love e-sports more than anything. Now what if I told you the next big thing wasn’t on a computer and definitely not on a console. The next great e-sport is already here and it's on your phone! Oh and it's free!

Reviews in Brief: Overwatch

It has been almost two whole years since I’ve written a game review and so I am very grateful to EGF for letting me dust off my skills and get back at it. I had the opportunity to sit down and play Overwatch with a group of friends during its public beta test. With release pending on the 24th of May, a little less than a week from now, there is a massive clamor for the game from the public for it.

Let’s Break it Down- Overwatch Competitive Play Mode

For all of the details on competitive play, see:


EGF Struggles | Episode I


...meanwhile at EGF

This past week the EGF staff decided to do something quite monumental. We have set off on a mission to become the stars of our newest in-house series, EGF Struggles. EGF Struggles is a web series where we, as a staff, play a game that we have never played. Each episode contains various restrictions and different gaming experiences so that we can make each game as chaotic and interesting as possible.

Documentary Review - World of Warcraft: Looking for Group

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group