Breaking my Back(log): Destiny 2

When I built my new computer a couple months back, I purchased a Nvidia 1080. I wanted to have something that would allow me to play newer games on as high settings as possible while lasting me a couple years until my next build. Luckily for me, at the time, Nvidia was running a promotion: buy a 1060, 1070, or 1080 and get Destiny 2 for free. I’m excited to say, it took me much less time to pick up and play Destiny 2, than most newer games I purchase.

Parting Thoughts: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Before reading this article, make sure to check out Part I.

Part II of my time with Senua. The culmination of my first of (hopefully) entry into a series of multi-part review/recaps on different games. Hellblade happened to be short enough that I only needed two entries, although I had planned one in the middle and had nearly finished it, before spending two more hours with Senua and completing the game.

First impressions: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

In May (2017) I read an article about this crazy upcoming game. It was going to explore psychosis and mental illness in general while presenting a story of Nordic folklore and Gaelic perseverance. The game was called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and I knew immediately that I wanted to play it.

Breaking my Back(log)

I’ve been working nights lately… and preparing for a move to Texas… and I’ve managed to knock more games, movies, and TV off my “backlog” in the last month, at a faster pace, then I have been knocking games off in years. This includes: Getting the platinum trophy for Horizon: Zero Dawn, hit 25% trophy completion in Mass Effect: Andromeda, finished some random trophy hunts I’ve been meaning to in a plethora of games, watched eight movies I've been interested in seeing, and even finished watching Preacher, and Silicon Valley (two shows I had let slip for quite a while).

Trish Reviews: Preparation for Destiny Rise of Iron DLC

Everyone has that one outlet that makes them feel better. Whether that’s running, watching the Yankees, or reading a book for the 50th time. But what we all have in common, is we love what makes us feel at home and brings good memories. Destiny is something I have thoroughly enjoyed since beta, and I’ve made friends throughout playing the game I believe are going to be friends for life. So, it’s safe to say Destiny holds a special place in my heart.

Trish Reviews: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Although Uncharted was released back in 2007, I have never touched the series before. I recently acquired a PS4 about six months ago, so I decided the release of the Nathan Drake Collection would be my perfect opportunity to try the series out and write about my reactions and opinions. As I’ve never played Uncharted before this will be coming from a “noob” standpoint, and I will also give you the quick rundown on what the campaign/story was all about.


Nomad Series: Solo Gladiator Adventure in Dark Zone

While entering the DZ I was already afraid since I had heard update 1.2 proved to be a challenge even for a team of agents. Due to random times my usual team is on and my crazy schedule as of late, I decided to test out the DZ on my own.

Devil’s in the Design (Literally): DOOM

It’s been about two weeks since the new DOOM came out and the expectations were pretty average. Speaking personally, I don’t think I knew anyone who was excited for it, and a lot of people seemed concerned that it would feel like a poor Halo clone. I bought the game shortly after release hoping to have something to write about and I was certainly not let down. As a longtime fan of the series, the new DOOM game is everything I wanted and more.

Isolation: The Story of Firewatch


Isolation: The story of Firewatch (Spoiler-Free)