Breaking my Back(log): PvP

Once upon a time, I refused to play PvP games. I was just terrible at them, and therefore chose to avoid them. Then in 2010 I started playing League of Legends with my friend John. LoL was fun, but I was still terrible, so I walked away from the PvP realm once again. Over the last year or so however, the genre has drawn me back in.

I’ve been dabbling with quite a few, and want to share my thoughts on each, and what my mindset is when I play one or the other.


Breaking my Back(log): NieR: Automata

Breaking my Back(log): Star Wars: Battlefront (PC)

Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that has been in a weird spot on my backlog. I initially purchased it on release for the PS4, but never quite played it enough to feel like I had given it a fair shot. This month, I finally got around to playing more of it, albeit after an extensive adventure and on a new system.

Devil’s in the Design (Literally): DOOM

It’s been about two weeks since the new DOOM came out and the expectations were pretty average. Speaking personally, I don’t think I knew anyone who was excited for it, and a lot of people seemed concerned that it would feel like a poor Halo clone. I bought the game shortly after release hoping to have something to write about and I was certainly not let down. As a longtime fan of the series, the new DOOM game is everything I wanted and more.