Patch 4.06a and the Effect It Has On The Feast

In my last article, I shared my thoughts on some basic PvP strategies and how to survive the 4v4 Ranked Feast mode. However, thanks to the lovely patch that is 4.06a, there have been a few changes to PvP and so I feel the need to release this article as a follow-up since this is the first time they have ever updated and rebalanced PvP mid-season.

General Strategy Changes

HotS Patch Notes 6/30

Heroes of the Storm released a new patch to help fix bugs, unlock new maps as well as rework and reveal new heroes. This patch showcases many new changes including new mercs, maps and champs along side to nerfs to champions long considered just a little too OP that will shift the meta as well as tweak the hero tiers.


Treasure Goblin:

Anyone with the special event quest can get 100 gold after killing the Treasure Goblin.