LCS Week 7

LCS Week 6

NA LCS Update: Week 8

1. Team Solo Mid


(1-2 P1) (2-0 NV)

NA LCS Update: Week 7

1. Team Solo Mid


(2-0 FOX) (2-0 TL)

TSM showcased exactly why they’ve been on top of the table since week 1 this weekend. FOX looked absolutely lost against TSM, and TL really didn’t look much better. I don’t know what I find less enjoyment while watching NA LCS this split, Echo Fox losses, or TSM’s ridiculously dominant wins.

A Summoners Journey: Taliyah's LCS Arrival

A Summoner's Journey has come to a crossroads. With work and other responsibilities lately, my time for League has been at a minimum. What little time I have I try to spread out among my hobbies, so as to never fall behind on one in particular (FOMO is real). Another issue is I have been working in Nevada lately. Hotel Internet speeds make it difficult to play League or any other online based game.