Breaking my Back(log): PvP

Once upon a time, I refused to play PvP games. I was just terrible at them, and therefore chose to avoid them. Then in 2010 I started playing League of Legends with my friend John. LoL was fun, but I was still terrible, so I walked away from the PvP realm once again. Over the last year or so however, the genre has drawn me back in.

I’ve been dabbling with quite a few, and want to share my thoughts on each, and what my mindset is when I play one or the other.


League of Legends: Runes Reforged

This preseason, in preparation for the next season (8), League of Legends has begun transitioning from their traditional runes and masteries, to a single “Rune Reforged” option. This transition impacts every player, from bronze to professional, as they must adapt their pre-game preparations to the new system.

Second Thoughts: Tr(y)umphant return to Overwatch

Recently, with all the news surrounding Blizzard"s new Overwatch League (OWL), my newsfeeds have been filled with little else but esports.

And It's Not League of Legends: Gigantic

For the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to play Gigantic, a game that I have been anticipating for literally years. I can recall distinctly waiting in line at PAX East 2015 to try and get a chance to play. The line was long but the wait was so worth it. After that public showing, everything Gigantic-related became quiet for almost a year; I thought that the game was lost.

Coming to terms with your skill level...Summoner's Journal

Coming to terms with your skill level...

I hate these Bronze teammates! I should be in Diamond! (Sound familiar?)

We all struggle with being told we're not as good as we think we are. Competitive video games are often harsh reminders of our own shortcomings. There always is someone better than us, regardless of how good we may be. Competition, whether video games, traditional sports, spelling bees, pie-eating, or cooking (love me some Iron Chef), brings out the best and/or worst in all of us.

And It's Not League of Legends: Atlas Reactor

This week I’ve been playing yet another game that is most certainly not League of Legends, Atlas Reactor. Some of you may recall, long ago I wrote about the Atlas Reactor because I was an alpha tester. Cut to now, and the game has been fully released for almost a year and I along with a group of friends decided to install the game as a break from Overwatch

What is it?

Summoner's Journal

So let's start this entry by getting the unfortunate news out of the way right quick; after this article I shall be taking a short hiatus from writing, due to work related travel over the next two months. I will miss writing for EGF during this time, but look forward to coming back and starting anew in March (hopefully with two months worth of thoughts and ideas pent up, ready to be released by the proverbial “quill”).

Before I go, I wanted to share a thought that has crossed my mind often as of late;

League is Life.

Summoner's Journal: Balancing League

Finding the time to play video games has become harder and harder with each passing year (growing older is the worst, but I still refuse to grow up). Like a high school’s art program, video games are the hobby which receives the quickest cuts when I find myself strapped for free time. It’s often easier to unwind by watching an episode of 30 minute TV show, than get invested into a game 30 minutes at a time.

Summoner's Journal: 4

A Summoner's Journal: The Meta has Changed

What an exciting time it is to be playing LoL. Season 6 has come to a close (Congratulations to SKT T1 on once again being crowned World Champions!), the preseason for season 7 has started, and changes are afoot.