Milking the Meta #1

League of Legends: Runes Reforged

This preseason, in preparation for the next season (8), League of Legends has begun transitioning from their traditional runes and masteries, to a single “Rune Reforged” option. This transition impacts every player, from bronze to professional, as they must adapt their pre-game preparations to the new system.

Second Thoughts: Tr(y)umphant return to Overwatch

Recently, with all the news surrounding Blizzard"s new Overwatch League (OWL), my newsfeeds have been filled with little else but esports.

Summoner's Journal

So let's start this entry by getting the unfortunate news out of the way right quick; after this article I shall be taking a short hiatus from writing, due to work related travel over the next two months. I will miss writing for EGF during this time, but look forward to coming back and starting anew in March (hopefully with two months worth of thoughts and ideas pent up, ready to be released by the proverbial “quill”).

Before I go, I wanted to share a thought that has crossed my mind often as of late;

League is Life.

Summoner's Journal: Balancing League

Finding the time to play video games has become harder and harder with each passing year (growing older is the worst, but I still refuse to grow up). Like a high school’s art program, video games are the hobby which receives the quickest cuts when I find myself strapped for free time. It’s often easier to unwind by watching an episode of 30 minute TV show, than get invested into a game 30 minutes at a time.

Summoner's Journal: Entry 2

Changing to this new “Journal as opposed to Journey” has been an interesting development for me, and how I prepare/create content for this website. It has also allowed me to take a few steps back from my “play” interaction with LoL, and examine more of my interaction within the community of LoL.

A Summoner's Journal

Change is difficult. This first entry into my “Summoner’s Journal” might be a little rough, but like any summoner knows, tackling the challenge of a new champion can start out tough, but the perseverance and eventual mastery of a champion (article series) is what keeps us coming back to the game (writing).

A Summoner's Journey: Transition

Here, I come to a crossroads. The world spins madly on and on with no end. My work and duties dictate how I am able to spend my time. Yet, with what little time I have to myself, I choose to return here to this digital journal, pouring what little soul left I have onto the digital paper so as to try and find some sliver of solace. Keeping up with this journey has been rough at times, and I have found my style changes seemingly with each new moon.

A Summoner's Journey: Changing a Main

LoL is a game of mechanics and who can play their champion better. Obviously, the best way to excel at playing a champion (and League in general for that matter) is to mainly play said champion; i.e. “Maining” a champion.

NALCS Update: 2017 Summer Split Playoffs Finals/Third Place Weekend

The Summer Split came to an end this weekend. Saturday saw IMT and CLG battle it out for the third place spot, while Sunday saw TSM and C9 clash for the championship. The four teams all had the opportunity to qualify for worlds coming into this weekend (although it would take a myriad of different ways for any of them).

TSM, auto-qualified for worlds on championship points by reaching the finals.

C9 qualifies for worlds if they win the Summer Split (Summer Split champs auto-qualify regardless of championship points).