Milking the Meta #1

Summoner's Journal: Balancing League and...play

Finding the time to play video games has become harder and harder with each passing year (growing older is the worst, but I still refuse to grow up). Like a high school’s art program, video games are the hobby which receives the quickest cuts when I find myself strapped for free time. It’s often easier to unwind by watching an episode of 30 minute TV show, than get invested into a game 30 minutes at a time.

A Summoner's Journal

Change is difficult. This first entry into my “Summoner’s Journal” might be a little rough, but like any summoner knows, tackling the challenge of a new champion can start out tough, but the perseverance and eventual mastery of a champion (article series) is what keeps us coming back to the game (writing).

A Summoner's Journey: Transition

Here, I come to a crossroads. The world spins madly on and on with no end. My work and duties dictate how I am able to spend my time. Yet, with what little time I have to myself, I choose to return here to this digital journal, pouring what little soul left I have onto the digital paper so as to try and find some sliver of solace. Keeping up with this journey has been rough at times, and I have found my style changes seemingly with each new moon.