Second Thoughts: Tr(y)umphant return to Overwatch

Recently, with all the news surrounding Blizzard"s new Overwatch League (OWL), my newsfeeds have been filled with little else but esports.

Game Culture: Bioshock Excels at Scaring, Not Shooting

Bioshock is officially categorized as an FPS, but I think that is a misnomer. It is not strictly incorrect since the gameplay takes place in the first person perspective and there is gunplay. However, most of the game’s charm is present in the terror the game inflicts on the player. Every instance of this game’s strength is subtle, but it all comes together to create an overwhelmingly entertaining experience. I think Bioshock is the best horror game I have ever played, and I describe it as such.

Titanfall 2: An Outsider's Perspective

My experience with first person shooters as a genre is extremely limited. I’ll admit that right out of the gate. I was not a Doom kid, have never beaten a Halo game, and have literally played Call of Duty three times in my life, and never online. Star Wars freak that I am, I bought the Star Wars: Battlefront special edition PS4 and tried my hardest to get into the game itself, with no success. It was worth the purchase, though. It came with Star Wars: Racer Revenge, which is #1 on my list of quality racing games.

So You Think You Wanna Overwatch #1 - An Introduction to Overwatch