Final Fantasy

Imagining Chemist as a Job in Final Fantasy XIV

Now that Stormblood, Patch 4.0 of Final Fantasy XIV, has been released for just over a month, I’ve had some time to play around with the new jobs, as well the rather major changes made to the pre-existing ones.

As I was playing around with them, it left me wondering what jobs they could include come 5.0. (I know. It’s a long ways until then and 4.0 just dropped, but I can still wonder, can’t I ?)

What makes or breaks an offline game?

What makes a perfect offline experience in a game? I could go into story and world development, and say that’s what truly makes a wonderful experience, but while I do find these elements to be essential, sometimes they just aren’t enough to pull the game along.

What if FFXIV wasn't an MMO

It’s easy to find a reason to turn a normal offline game into an MMO. I mean, who doesn’t want to play with friends in their favorite game? To me, that alone is enough to wish a game was an MMO. So, what possible reason could make an MMO a desirable offline experience? Well that’s what I’ll be exploring in this article.

A Look at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Frankfurt

Throughout this series the one thing I can’t seem to escape is Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. I have lost track how many times it has shown up in my articles ever since it was first announced back in October of last year.

What to Expect in 2017 from Final Fantasy

While 2016 was a rather interesting year, it was a pretty fantastic time for Final Fantasy fans. We were treated to Final Fantasy XV, which many of us had been waiting on for over a decade.

Getting Your Feet Wet in the Final Fantasy Universe

The Final Fantasy series is one that’s been around for quite some time, coming up soon on its 30th anniversary. During its life, it has come out with eighteen main title games as well as many spin offs. Having so many entries, all varying quite greatly in different aspects, it can be a daunting series to try and get into if you haven’t already. With how prominent and trendy the franchise has gotten however, who wouldn’t want to at least give it a shot? Well, other than hipsters (no hate, love you too hipsters. I feel you.)

The Future of Final Fantasy XV and Updates

“...release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV... “ Hajime Tabata - Director of Final Fantasy XV writes in his blog on the Square Enix website, which you can find a link to here. Though, fair warning, it does contain more spoilers than it honestly needs to. And a pretty big one at that.

Final Fantasy XV - A Decade of Hardwork

After over ten years of waiting, it’s finally here! Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV just released worldwide this week, and the wait was definitely worth it. I had a lot of skepticism about this game, especially after the train wreck that was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, or heck, just the entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. However, with my love for both Square Enix and the Final Fantasy franchise, I had very high hopes for this game. Even still, I could have never guessed the game would be quite the adventure that it is.

The Marvelous World of Final Fantasy

This adorable new Final Fantasy game, World of Final Fantasy, caught a lot of criticism back when it was first announced at last year’s E3. This was mostly because of it’s chibi style graphics, as well as it combining together so many of the Final Fantasy worlds into one game, as the game was created to be an introduction to the series.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.45

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.45 released this Tuesday, bringing floors 51-200 of the deep dungeon, “Palace of the Dead”; a new quest line to upgrade and further enhance your relic weapon, the only weapon where you can change and decide the stats on it; and the third season of “The Feast,” the ranked pvp arena.

Palace of the Dead - Floors 51-200