Final Fantasy XIV

My Thoughts on an Ideal MMORPG

I’ve played MMOs for as long as I’ve had a computer able to run them. Whenever I move to a new MMO though, there are always elements I have gotten used to that I really wish were in the new one. So, I want to talk about what I think would make the closest thing to a perfect MMO. Which, to me at least, is just an MMO in which you can be fully immersed in. Kind of like how Sword art Online is, just minus the harems and terrible plot lines.

An Alive and Open World

A Breath of Fresh Air Among FFXIV - Soul Surrender

Soul Surrender, Patch 3.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, ushered in an array of new features and additions to the game. With numerous quality of life changes; apartments; the new trial “Containment Bay P1T6” where we get to fight Sophia - Goddess of the Warring Triad; and the finale to the “Alexander” raid and storyline; there is definitely a lot of fun to be had this patch. Oh, and let’s not forget about the glamours and new hairstyles. I mean how is this outfit not the most adorable thing ever?

Nothing makes it easy, but MMOs make it easier

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Relationships are something that we’ve all encountered, and deal with every day. Whether with close friends, family, or someone more intimate, they are often amazing and wonderous. However, we all live busy lives which can definitely be strenuous on these relationships, especially when they pull us in different directions to distant areas around the world.

Regional Differences of MMOs - A Guide to What MMO is Right For You

From our views on life to the very foods we enjoy, it’s no secret that culture influences us in almost every aspect of life. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that games are also shaped by where we come from. In the MMO world , there are three prominent countries that make MMOs: Korea, Japan, and the “west” (Usually referring to Europe, Canada, and the United States)

Korean MMOs

Final Fantasy XIV - Palace of the Dead, Mixing Old and New

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