A Look at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Frankfurt

Throughout this series the one thing I can’t seem to escape is Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. I have lost track how many times it has shown up in my articles ever since it was first announced back in October of last year.

The Future of Final Fantasy XV and Updates

“...release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV... “ Hajime Tabata - Director of Final Fantasy XV writes in his blog on the Square Enix website, which you can find a link to here. Though, fair warning, it does contain more spoilers than it honestly needs to. And a pretty big one at that.

The Marvelous World of Final Fantasy

This adorable new Final Fantasy game, World of Final Fantasy, caught a lot of criticism back when it was first announced at last year’s E3. This was mostly because of it’s chibi style graphics, as well as it combining together so many of the Final Fantasy worlds into one game, as the game was created to be an introduction to the series.

Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest 2016 - Las Vegas

Returning after two years, Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest is back in its city of origin - Las Vegas.

Taking place October 14-15, the festival had it’s downs, such as the atrocious merchandise line which kept even the people who rushed there first thing stuck for several hours (myself included); the obvious lack of knowledge and enthusiasm that the staff displayed; as well as the lackluster prizes when compared to the original FFXIV Fan Festival back in 2014. Although, they are still pretty neat.