Breaking my Back(log): PvP

Once upon a time, I refused to play PvP games. I was just terrible at them, and therefore chose to avoid them. Then in 2010 I started playing League of Legends with my friend John. LoL was fun, but I was still terrible, so I walked away from the PvP realm once again. Over the last year or so however, the genre has drawn me back in.

I’ve been dabbling with quite a few, and want to share my thoughts on each, and what my mindset is when I play one or the other.


Is PUBG eSports Ready?

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been the most popular game on Steam since it came out, overtaking Dota 2 for the most concurrent players - with over three million worldwide. With this new-found fame, PUBG has become the top battle royale game and has an upcoming esports invitational tournament with ESL. However, many players have trouble calling this game ready for the competitive stage.

Competitive Gaming is Becoming More Legitimate

Since the time where friends got together and played video games at LAN parties, competitive gaming has grown at an exponential rate. Before, games like Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter, and Counter-Strike were at the peak of esports with small tournaments all over the country. Fast-forward to 2018, and now these games - and more - are played in tournaments all over the world.

Breaking my Back(log)[?]: FIFA 2018

Popping Off: The FGC Review #2 - Why Embracing "esports" is the FGC's Next Step Forward

Hot on the heels of DreamHack 2017 in Austin, a lot of interesting stories have built up around the fighting game community. Notably, America’s dominance in Street Fighter V (with half of DreamHack’s Top 8 representing the USA, including Panda Gaming’s Punk, winner of both DreamHack and NorCal Regional tournaments); top tier characters being strangely absent in later rounds of the tourney; and Melee’s tournament champ Hungrybox pulling off a heel turn and taking the tournament via timer scam.

Let's Break it Down: Nintendo Switch Launch and early releases

I want to share my initial impressions of the Nintendo Switch games that have been announced so far, as well as some of other accessories for the switch. These impressions are based on information that’s been released or leaked as of the 2nd week of January 2017.


The JoyCons

Let's Break it Down- Overwatch Season 3 Wishlist

This article is essentially going to be a glorified Wishlist of what I want to see come to Overwatch during competitive Season 3. I don’t have any reason (yet) to believe that any of these will or won’t happen, but rather this is completely speculation and wishful thinking.

1 - New Hero Tease

Let's Break it Down - Booing in esports

A note about this article: the opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect those of EGF or its staff.

Preview: EGF Lone Star Series celebrates Texas Collegiate Esports

The EGF Lone Star Series brings together some of the top collegiate esports teams in Texas including:

UT Austin, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas State, University of North Texas, UT Permian Basin, and UT San Antonio.


This tournament runs Friday(11/18) between 5:00PM-10:15PM CST and Saturday (11/19) between 10:30 AM-9:45 PM CST.


EGF Rival Series week in review - UMass vs Columbia University

With all of the hype around the first week of match’s UMass and Columbia didn’t disappoint. In a great series of matches across Overwatch and League of Legends, UMass would ultimately find victory over Columbia in Overwatch and League of Legends while Columbia would advance in Hearthstone. Check out our detailed breakdown of the matches and be sure to check out our YouTube for highlights and full VODs of each match.