An Interview with the Creator of Avorion

Over the past few months, I was in communications with another talented developer whose story hits close to home. Not just for myself, but for anyone out there that has ever tried making games while being a full-time student. The key to this particular man’s story is his success in building a community around the game he was working on. Especially when he started and built the project almost entirely on his own. His name is Konstantin Kronfeldner, the creator of the Kickstarter-loved project, Avorion.

The Snarky Gamer: Mafia 2

The Godfather. Reservoir Dogs. Goodfellas. Classic movies that define a genre and something video games need to have struggled to attain. The life of a mobster is as glamorous as it is disastrous and not something us average ‘schmucks’ get to experience with our usual 9-to-5 jobs. That’s why I’m excited to get my hands on Mafia 3 this October. This same excitement has lead me to revisit the prior entry. Mafia 2. Let’s see how it holds up six years since its release.

Announcing EGF's Third League of Legends Draft

Finding a team to compete with can be a real pain in the ass and we want to make that just a little bit easier. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be running our 3rd League of Legends team Draft on Tuesday December 1st at 8PM EST.

How does the draft work?

Participating in the draft is really simple and any individual or partial team is welcome.

  1. Fill out the draft form
  2. Join our teamspeak server by 7:50PM EST


EGF is partnering with Overdog on Xbox One

One of the things we as a company see across the gaming industry is a continued divide between console and PC gaming (see the PC Master Race). Sometimes people get caught up in debates over hardware and forget what gaming is all about - community. We’re excited to announce EGF will be working with Overdog to bridge the gap in our own way.

EGF Introduces College Champion Program

Help us build college eSports