Popping Off: The FGC Review #5 - All These Guest Characters Though!

First things first, let’s get to the real reason y’all are here: Last weekend’s two major announcements that took over conversation in the fighting game community.


Rise of Wolves: Original Thoughts of Destiny New Expansion Rise of Iron

Hello Guardian,

After a long awaited year since The Taken King, Destiny released the new expansion Rise of Iron on September 20th. It’s official, now we are in year three of Destiny and in my opinion, it’s stronger than ever. In this review, I will only cover the broad view of what Rise of Iron entails; in later segments I will divulge into more detailed sections for the raid, crucible, so on and so forth.

Trish Reviews: Preparation for Destiny Rise of Iron DLC

Everyone has that one outlet that makes them feel better. Whether that’s running, watching the Yankees, or reading a book for the 50th time. But what we all have in common, is we love what makes us feel at home and brings good memories. Destiny is something I have thoroughly enjoyed since beta, and I’ve made friends throughout playing the game I believe are going to be friends for life. So, it’s safe to say Destiny holds a special place in my heart.

Rise of Wolves: Not All Guardians Who Wander Are Lost

Welcome Traveler/Guardian,

Destiny has been around for nearly two years, bringing upon endless updates and DLC to keep players’ interest. In case you don’t know, Destiny is a first-person shooter MMO-esque game which you can play PvE, PvP, or raids with plenty of other game modes in between.

Nomad Series #5: The Division Downfall and E3 Updates

In the course of The Division being released for almost four months, there has been a lot of ups and downs in the gameplay and decisions made by developers. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my friends playing The Division and personally, I’ve lost quite a bit of interest in it as well. I’ve decided to do some digging and find out if others had the same thoughts behind it. On PC In March, there were over two million users in The Division, currently there are approximately 140 thousand on steam.