civ 6

Total Victory(?) The History of Japan

The Industrial age has dawned and now with explorers and factories Japan is ready to take the world stage and blaze a path toward victory and spread the Great Wave of Buddhism across the globe

Total Victory Brazilquest 2017 Part 3

The story of Brazil reaches its conclusion as we bring you the recent history of our great country. As it encompasses not only the Earth but the kingdom of the stars as well. Our research had just taken us into the Modern Era. We have much left to navigate but the end has come into view. With the help of the worlds greatest minds, we will conquer space.

Total Victory: Brazilquest 2017 pt. 2

The story of Brazil continues. Our nation has just entered into the medieval era and we must prepare for war before it comes to our borders.

Medieval Era: We sharpen our swords made of iron and mount horses. Diplomacy becomes even more important, we send delegations to both Egypt and Rome in order to better know our neighbors and what they are working on.

Total Victory: Brazilquest 2017

Hello readers! I have a new article series in which I play Civilization 6 and report out on my gameplay and what I have done. I’ve elected to present them as a history. Starting with Brazil, lovingly calling the save Brazilquest 2017.