Total Victory: Dido Queen of Carnage Pt. 2


We return to Carthage now resting soundly in the medieval era. Our mighty war elephants are now becoming less and less relevant as time goes on; science has rapidly become much more important. To keep Carthage relevant we will have to make sure that our people are on the up and up with the latest technology - If only for its military purposes. During these times of peace Carthage makes every effort to maintain positive relations with its neighboring city-states. Many luxuries are found within Carthage’s lands and we make a fortune trading with the other civilizations (while we build and update our armies to destroy them). Our spy has also done great work for us in the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. From their surveillance, we know the place is very weak and will be easy for us to capture. The only question remaining is whether we can conquer enough to make this worth the diplomatic struggle with other civilizations.

With the age of Chivalry upon us, our elephant riders become knights and it is now time for war once again. Now with Byzantium.

With the help of our new knights and a great many catapults, we have conquered Constantinople, bringing another capital under our control. Now the question remains what will we do with the rest of the Byzantine Empire?

We continue to wage war against Byzantine. We capture another of their cities and negotiate for yet another before we finally make peace. Having eliminated another player from the race. We garrison units in each of our occupied cities in order to maximize happiness with our Warrior Caste policy. Our relationship with Portugal develops further and we enter into a research agreement with Maria the First in order to make sure we keep pace with the current technology. Our numerous agreements and trades foster a strong friendship despite the ocean between our civilizations

Now the peace has returned it's now time to buy a few friends. Carthage makes gifts to Sydney, Sidon, and Milan. All of whom are nearby Japan and India’s outer cities. Likely angering both civilizations. We upgrade our swordsmen into long swordsmen, ensuring our melee units will not be outmatched. We continue military research. Using our spies to steal the more peaceful technologies from unsuspecting civs. Along the way, the city Carthage constructs Notre Dame in order to ensure the happiness of the people for the coming eras.

With the completion of our research on gunpowder we are blasted into the Renaissance era and with it comes an abundance of new opportunities - for war. We declare war upon India as they have recently denounced Carthage for their warmongering ways. Oops. India puts up a much harder fight than Byzantium and Morocco. It is clear that we must be more careful to better outmatch our opponents and soon before they ally against us. As both Japan and Arabia have denounced Carthage.

The world grows much more complex as Austria founds the World Congress. It's critical that Carthage maintains as many friends as possible in order to not be outvoted on crucial resolutions. A standing army tax would be catastrophic for Carthage as we rely upon our large and powerful military.

We capture Delhi from India, greatly angering Gandhi. All of the city’s great works fall into our possession as well. Four capitals now lie in Carthage’s possession. Now comes the time for us to negotiate peace once again. Having these many Capitals under our control will make us a very unpopular civilization in the world. But so be it.

Once again, in our infinite generosity, we make peace with India also gaining control of another one of their cities in the process. Now with the World Congress session looming and uncertain times ahead Carthage is going to have to buy some friends.

Turn: 180


  • Cities Controlled: 9
  • Capitals Controlled: 4
  • Science/turn: 181
  • Gold/turn: 27
  • Happiness: 2 :)
  • Culture/turn: 82
  • Faith/turn: 34
  • Technologies Researched: 32
  • Social Policies Enacted: 12
  • Military Units Controlled: 19
  • Great Generals Earned: 4
  • City State Allies: 4
  • Denounced By: 3 Civs