by Najee 'Kamijace' Walker
by Ian 'Sointact' Scott
by Brian 'RoguePanda99' Custer

The many genres of music offer a route of expression for every possible emotion and message. Music genres are usually defined by the sound or emotions they convey. Punk is known for being gritty and angst-driven, and so it is defined by that image. This method of definition struggles to take shape in regards to the “video game music” (VGM) genre.

Gaming in 1999 was far different than the industry today. At the end of the millennium, developers were mastering 3D graphics and creating experiences far grander than anything ever seen. One game that has defined this time was Ape Escape for the PlayStation.

Since the time where friends got together and played video games at LAN parties, competitive gaming has grown at an exponential rate. Before, games like Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter, and Counter-Strike were at the peak of esports with small tournaments all over the country. Fast-forward to 2018, and now these games - and more - are played in tournaments all over the world.

The story of a game is one of its most important aspects. Some games use it as a selling point, while others use it to accent the rest of the experience. If a game is going to focus on its story to succeed, it needs to deliver that story carefully to be effective.

The Philadelphia Fusion has finally made it to the big stage at the Overwatch League. Though there seemed to be some hiccups during the preseason, even the Fusions couldn’t possibly miss being here for week one of the five-week Overwatch League.

2017 was a big year for games. From giant releases on the Nintendo Switch, large changes in Overwatch, and so much more. Yet, there is still so much to look forward to in 2018, and even beyond. As we wind down with 2017, let’s look at the games that could make some potential waves next year.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Reading through internet forums, I see an idea recur constantly: more game mechanics do not equal more fun. This idea feels incredibly frustrating to me; the argument essentially says that a game should focus on only a few mechanics and refine them. Though I have found plenty of arguments against adding more mechanics to a game, I have struggled to find anyone arguing against this.