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This week I got a chance to speak to Elias from Stony Brook University. Stony Brook has had a big impact in the esports world, having one of the bigger clubs of a university, and also having a player scouted to play in the NA LCS, OmarGod.

The Hearthstone Summer Championship takes place this weekend with four players representing each major region: the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and China. These championship tournaments are a great time to take a deep dive on the Hearthstone tournament meta since all decklists are released and therefore there are no surprises; and all players can see what they are up against.

It’s no secret that Dota 2 has a toxic community. Customer reviews acknowledge it and the community talks about it nonchalantly. People on internet boards joke that Dota is an addiction and the suffering caused by the other players is the harmful part of the substance.

This entry into my backlog may look a little different. I’m experimenting with some new formats. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Nintendo World Championships in New York. Overall the tournament went extremely well and I had a great amount of fun. Nintendo has had a great reputation for holding premiere events and this tournament went very well, and I wanted to give my overall thoughts about this event.


Capcom has been an easy target for mockery as of late. Between shipping Street Fighter V in an incomplete state, their mishandling of legacy franchises such as Mega Man, and daring detractors to take shots at them the moment the first screenshots for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite were released, there’s not as much love for the brand as there was in the past.

As I went on my adventures in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, I kept hearing talk of a Netflix series called Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light. I kept hearing nothing but good things, and I decided I had to watch it so that I could find out what all the praise was about.

Hello all, I am making my return from my hiatus and actually coming back with a game that is in the news right now: Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Game’s new mode for their title Fortnite, and while the original title, a player VS. environment building game released in late July, Epic has added on this new game mode which I was roped into playing by my roommate.

Welcome to Core, an interview series launched by EGF. Due to its very recent emergence and popularity, esports as a career is quickly becoming more and more appealing to students and players aspiring to become professional gamers. There have been numerous emerging roles for games, like professional play, casting, analysis and general content creation.