by Jared 'VectorSpecter' Chesnut
by Dane 'EmpireRising' Anderson
by Ian 'Sointact' Scott

Tanks have been a major talking point of the League of Legends community over the past few years. People complain that they are too popular in the meta and that they box out other champion archetypes in their roles because they are too good. People say they make games slow and boring, and that their popularity is ruining the game. The question is, are these complaints justified?

This is to be a series to my friends and my peers. The streamers, the writers, the creators and everyone else who involves themselves in video games. If I could condense this series into a small, one sentence phrase, it would probably be this:

We need to do better.

Another game that really stunned me within the indie game lineup this year was Projection: First Light, a puzzle platformer which plans to release in Q2 2018 on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

Today, I’m incredibly proud to announce that we’re able to continue the work in high school esports we started in Connecticut last year with the introduction of Alaska into EGFH. Bringing Alaska into the family makes our high school esports league truly national and we couldn’t be more excited.

Virtual Reality (VR) was once a pipe dream. Something that seemed impossible outside of science fiction. The closest thing to VR that we could find was typically found in big budget arcades in the form of on-rail shooters or racing games. There have been advancements in VR, such as vehicles moving while you turn, rumble, and surround sound to help with the immersion.

Sleep Tight is a shooter that brings out the kid in all of us. An arcade style, twin-stick shooter that has the main character building pillow forts and nerf-gun-like turret against monsters coming out of their closets, for a Q1 release on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

When patch 4.25 of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood dropped last month I was eager to finally get in and try the long awaited Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, and work towards getting my new relic gear, which is often considered the best gear in the game once fully upgrade

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is notorious for how complicated and somewhat contradictory its story has been for a long time. Now, in the era right before the release of Kingdom Hearts III, the timeline seems solid and understandable.

Contrary to the fast and luxurious lifestyles of some of our favorite celebrities, the majority of us go through a standard routine that gets us onto the next day. That routine could include classes; work; and even something as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning or talking to your mom at night.

Xenoblade Chronicles is likely one of the most well known RPGs for the Wii, with Operation Rainfall, the fan campaign to bring it to North America, having had obvious success. I was one of many who rushed to play the game as soon as they could, however, I was a bit disappointed by it. The story was about as interesting as I had hoped.