by Tyler 'v1k_ng' Schrodt
by Jared 'VectorSpecter' Chesnut
by Austin 'ARWh1te' White

This week I’ve been playing yet another game that is most certainly not League of Legends, Atlas Reactor. Some of you may recall, long ago I wrote about the Atlas Reactor because I was an alpha tester.

What makes a perfect offline experience in a game? I could go into story and world development, and say that’s what truly makes a wonderful experience, but while I do find these elements to be essential, sometimes they just aren’t enough to pull the game along.

It’s hard to not get excited over a Legendary card, especially with its entry animation, voice line, and unique abilities.

This comes from fairly far afield. This week, and assumedly for several more months, I have been playing Shardbound which is one of the most fascinating strategy games I’ve played in a very long time. And it is very definitely not League of Legends

What is it?



Stormblood is introducing red mage; and samurai, both of which are DPS. So, while I think it’s safe to say that queue times for DPS may be atrocious for awhile, what else is happening in the DPS world?

Hot on the heels of DreamHack 2017 in Austin, a lot of interesting stories have built up around the fighting game community.

I recently bought All of the Civilization 5 content after becoming not exactly bored of Civ 6 but looking for a change of pace. And boy if I didn’t get it with 5 everything is different builders don’t use charges. Diplomatic victory is a thing and there are SO many options available. That being said I have another civ series for you. And it's called:

Un’Goro has been out for quite a while and the community has gone through multiple different phases. This started with outrage over Quest Rogue, to rising complaints over the price barrier for newer players, to now going back to play Pirate Warrior.