What kind of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Player are you?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game, forcing players to fight to the virtual-death in a contest to be the last one standing. The basics of PUBG are shoot to kill and kill anyone who isn’t you. However, beyond that, everyone has their own playstyle if they want to be the last one standing - let’s go over a few that show up often.

The Rambo

This rambo jumps out start plane the first chance they get. Parachuting to the most populated part of the area to get their hands on as many weapons and ammo as they can, punching to death anyone they run into. This is all done in the name of getting a strong lead from the get go. The rambo has no fear of using the car: if solo, they use it to escape the inevitable wall of death; on a team, they’re probably the gunner. The downside to the rambo is the amount of noise they make. Between gunning down enemies and driving everywhere, the opponent will likely know where they and get the jump on them eventually. The good news, if played, can probably take out a good portion of the other players before getting caught. A rambo player will likely make it to at least the final 20.

The Lone Wolf

The lone wolf makes every attempt to hide from enemies. Sneaking in the grass, peeking around corners, and constantly watching their back. The lone wolf jumps out of the plane at a very decisive point, and likely away from most players. This player is probably pretty jumpy, even if they’re on a team. They also value quiet moments, to the point they will rarely use a vehicle, as it may give away their position. The lone wolf knows that if they are caught by surprise, they will likely lose early on in the game, but often panic when it comes down to it. While some might think they’re taking things a little too seriously, the lone wolf PUBG player has a strong chance of making it far enough to get bragging rights. The lone wolf player values mid to long range weapons, like the SCAR-L, but will carry a shotgun if they can find it. Just in case.

The Wildcard

The wildcard is the kind of player who spends the minute on the island before the game starts yelling into their microphone and calling people names. Maybe they set you - or themselves - on fire. Once it’s time to start, they’ll jump out randomly, and probably follow the closest player they can find. The tactics of the wildcard are annoying and random at best, yet at times effective. They troll and bait others with tactics like near-miss shots to bring the them out in the open. Once successful, the wildcard has the option of allowing their target to wander aimlessly trying to find the wildcard, or moving on to their next victim while keeping an eye on their last. Wildcard players may not necessarily realize what they’re doing, either, since it just seems to come naturally. Much like the rambo, they are practicing their own type of survival warfare and, surprisingly, it may just take them to the top. Though, it is entirely possible that their game ends as being one of the first players killed. The wildcard probably has a medley of weapons on them, but they certainly value throwables like grenades to scare their opponent.

The Scavenger

The scavenger, much like the lone wolf, spends most of their play time looting houses and gearing up as. Generally, the scavenger requires the freedom to move around without fear of being picked off and so, they often parachute into an area with no other players. This tactic, however, could possibly lead to their demise, due to the wall of death. More often than not, the scavenger must make their way into the safe zone from miles away, which can be extremely difficult if they cannot find a vehicle. Still, if they manage to avoid dying, this player will go into battle armed to the teeth. Fortunately, by the time most people with this playstyle get into battle, all the other players have already been picked off, and so they will likely make it at least into the top 45. More so if they play a little more like a lone wolf. The scavenger, much like the lone wolf player, values assault rifle weapons and shotguns, and likely has way too much ammo for them.

The Veteran

This veteran is a combination of the above players. They are adaptable to the situation and are quick to react. Having played the game multiple times, they are familiar with each weapon attachment and are basically experts at getting their kill. Like the rambo, they likely parachute in with other players, to get some quick first kills before doing some looting and scavenging before the wall comes. The veteran is as careful and decisive as the lone wolf but knows that to reach the top, you need to use every tool available. However, just because the veteran is flexible, does not mean they are number one. For as much as the veteran player is savvy, the variables in PUBG can hinder any strategy. The veteran likely carries ammo for any weapon, just in case they feel like switching up their gameplay style.

The Newbie

The newbie, in contrast to the veteran, has likely played a few games here and there, but still doesn’t have a strong grasp of the game. Every player, at some point, is a newbie. The newbie is also a mix of the above playstyles, but ultimately, they are really just trying to live long enough to understand the game. Unfortunately, not knowing is no excuse, and the newbie will likely have lost within a few minutes if they parachuted early and among other players. The newbie is probably very flighty, very scared, and trying their best to “win”, which in this case might just be not dying sooner than the last time they played. The newbie is likely picking up whatever they can find to understand how it works, but values assault rifles because it is most commonly the game winning-weapon. Unfortunately, the newbie probably doesn’t know that you need to switch it’s firing mode from single to burst or auto. Oops.


Ultimately, your unique play style might be the winning factor, along with a stroke of luck. Think about how you enjoy playing PUBG and understand your opponents, and you’ll see yourself as number one in no time.