Total Victory: The History of Japan Part 2

Being at war and facing questions on how to proceed through the medieval era will be tumultuous times for Japan, but there may be hope. With a source of iron, we could get an advantage over the Spanish threat. Will Japan navigate through this next era and ride the Great Wave of Buddhism forward? Or will they succumb to outside forces?

Spain makes peace with us after several years of war. Our walls and crossbowmen quickly making them run out of steam. We found the city of Fukuoka in order to obtain iron for our armies. However, now we have a new problem. Poland is attempting to convert our people to Catholicism. Japan can’t let the great wave of Buddhism end here.

Poland declares a surprise war against Japan who promptly replies: “Okay.” Draw your swords because it's time to have a war. During the war Japan completes their development of defensive tactics, immediately putting in place the policy Bastions and Limes. Making our walls all the better for fending off Polish Invaders. We make sure that our military development takes precedence over all else in order to rout our enemies from our lands. Japan receives the great merchant Coleus, who adds to our inventory of luxury resources. Our newly trained Samurai conquer the city of Warsaw adding it to our empire. The Polish must be punished for their transgressions. We move to take more of their cities as recompense for their impertinence.


With our swordsmen, we take Warsaw and push on further and further towards the Polish capital claiming two more cities along our way. We produce more samurai and keep ourselves up and up on military technology as best we can. We bring out our battering ram and make to take the Polish capital.

Jadwiga offers peace as we come to her door but we do not relent bringing in more forces to take the capitol. At the same time

Philip II declares war on us. During our time of strife, we set in place a monarchy in order to maintain control of our lands. And during our greatest strife, we enter the Renaissance with our empire greatly expanded with our cities claimed from Poland. The Spanish forces are at our borders and in these times we need some serious work done.

With the Spanish forces at our door, we shift our focus from attacking the Poles to defending our Borders from their horsemen we rout them from our lands using our city defenses and our crossbowmen.

Philip II quickly sees the error of his ways and agrees to make peace with us and after a few more units lost King Jadwiga also makes peace with us. Ceding a great number of cities to Japanese control.

With the time of war behind us now Japan can focus on things neglected during the war. Cultural and religious development. With relics won during the war and all the cities conquered Buddhism is poised for a Renaissance. An Apostle adds the belief of Lay Ministry to Buddhism making our Theater Squares and Holy Sites more productive.

We, at last, find Niter and at it to our array of strategic resources. Now able to upgrade out swordsmen and samurai into musket men our military gains a significant advantage.

Japan completes the Alhambra gaining another military policy slot to its regime.

At the same time, Japan adopts a theocracy in order to ensure that Buddhism remains a religion on the face of the earth. In this time of great peace, Giovanni De Medici Seeks us out building a bank in our commercial district at Kyoto. Where we are free to show works of art and writing. We meet one of the civilizations from beyond the sea: Montezuma. His people are warlike and we worry that he may one day come to our shores.

During our renaissance, we are bedeviled by spies and we make to train our own in order to provide counterintelligence upon our enemies any spies we capture could become important leverage in negotiations. Our cultural and religious sites go up as plans Japan continues to be a faithful people.

As the era ends the Japanese complete Mont St. Michel in Kyoto. Making all of our Apostles into Martyrs for the cause of Buddhism.  Rounding out the Renaissance as Ballistics puts Japan into the Industrial Era. Now there are new paths to take and much remains to be built. Buddhism is crawling closer towards spreading accross the globe but it will require a lot of help along the way.