Total Victory(?) The History of Japan

The Industrial age has dawned and now with explorers and factories Japan is ready to take the world stage and blaze a path toward victory and spread the Great Wave of Buddhism across the globe

Early in the era, we come across both Brazil and Sumeria. Both are incredibly advanced for the time. It would be a great advantage for Japan to ally with them in order to better spread Japan across the globe. However, conflict is inevitable Japan’s neighbors are ardent followers of different religions that have not lost their hold through the ages.

In these times Japan commits itself fully to becoming better followers of Buddhism. Holy sites are erected in all cities. More and more apostles come to the call of advancing Buddhism. Though many are trifling in this matter. With all of the players now on the board, Japan has to play the long game.

With Spain Refusing to accept Buddhism we have no choice but to go to war. With our army at the ready, we move to take hold of Madrid. Our Large army poses a significant threat to the Spanish forces who are composed mostly of conquistadors. Outclassed by Japans array of field cannons and Musketmen.

Japan joins the modern era while still very much at war with Spain. With our only slightly outdated musketmen and field cannons, we take control of Madrid. We put the development of Buddhism on hold, opting for a greater understanding of the sciences, in order to improve our weaponry.

Our cities engage in the full production of military units. With the recently researched nationalism civic, our units combine into corps to become more cost efficient. Gaining Levee en Masse reduces the cost of our army even further. With an increased number of units at our disposal, we quickly move to take Poland’s capital from them.

With Poland defeated, Japan takes over the continent, Philip II is knocked out entirely due to not being willing to capitulate to Japan’s demands to hold Madrid. From there we look to the east where Pedro II rules Brazil. The Brazilians have been working on a space program for many years now and things are beginning to come to fruition. If they make their way into space then there is no telling where their civilization can end up. Gilgamesh of Sumeria and his powerful military force also agree that this cannot go unchecked.

With the help of Gilgamesh, we pry Rio de Janeiro from Pedro II’s grasp. It was a tough fought battle. Japan had to invest in its navy in order to bring down Brazil, but our Ironclads made quick work of their navy once we formed armadas. However, there was a problem: Montezuma. His people had also been getting very close to their own space program. Gilgamesh refuses to go to war with us, likely able to see where things were headed.

So Japan had to go it alone. Our military tore through Montezuma's lands. Meeting his forces with our own. Things are evenly matched. Montezuma’s forces are slightly more advanced, but Japan makes up for it in numbers. However, we do not make it in time to Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs slips the bonds of earth and leaves civilization behind. The earth may come to belong to Japan but the Aztec has spread to the stars. Japan must resign itself to defeat at this point.