Total Victory: Dido Queen of Carnage pt. 3

We return once again to Carthage. We have seized control of most of our home continent and with the advent of the World Congress, we now know where all of the capitols in the world are located. This makes our task of conquering the world through force all that much easier.

Our first priority is to make sure that we cannot be attacked by the civilizations that we have already taken territories from. After that, we have the issue of Austria under Maria Theresa. Her army is both large and advanced. It is clear that we have some catching up to do if we are to surmount her great wall. So, for the time being, we will make the play of being friends and go along with her in the world congress.

The first congress vote passes without incident., Austria had proposed the setting of a world religion conferring significant tourism benefits to those who converted to Catholicism which did not pass. Fortunate for Carthage, a world religion would have been catastrophic. We enter into the industrial era with the support of our spies picking technologies off of Arabia. We want to build factories as soon as possible but the problem is we have no coal. We will have to make every effort to find some to advance our military endeavors.

Ten turns later it's time for us to go to war again. Our army is poised outside of Japan’s borders and it should be a quick affair.

The war goes on for longer than we expected, however, we are still victorious through the power of our arms and splitting the Japanese force to deal with our city-state allies. With the industrial era dawning over us, the value of city states has increased once again and this is where our power truly manifests. Our monetary gains from having so many city connections have given us the ability to freely maintain more city state alliances than any other civ. This has given Carthage serious diplomatic sway over the world congress.

At this time Carthage also adopts autocracy. Though it is initially unpopular, its policies soon make the people very happy. With healthcare for all and a national police to keep residents safe. Money continues to come in and we maintain our relations with several city states with great ease. We also connect our new conquests by roads to the capital expanding the coffers even further. With a large number of developed cities, Carthage is able to quickly catch up in terms of science picking up several technologies in just a few turns.

It does however become clear that our wartime ally, Austria, will soon become our enemy as they are both highly advanced and control several very valuable cities that we gained through their Diplomatic Marriages. Worse, their capital Vienna has the Great Wall around it making it very difficult to break into.

However, there is hope In dynamite. With it researched, our cannons can be upgraded into artillery which has a much larger range making our ability to siege cities all the greater and with all of our cavalry. You will recall that they were once African forest elephants eons ago. We will break into Vienna with no sweat. It only comes down to when to go to war and to bring our new artillery units to bear upon the Austrian threat. The only thing standing in the way of Carthage and victory.

Using the power of our Great Scientist Achieved with the completion of the Porcelain Tower flight is unlocked in Carthage and with it yet another avenue to conduct war. It becomes clear that we are going to have to use these new methods soon or we will be meeting defeat. Carthage prepares its navy and land army sending it across the sea to combat the Austrian threat

With a little less than 100 turns remaining in the game Carthage is poised in an excellent place to take over the world still. Now carrying cities from several countries and a powerful new Ideology in Autocracy the world as well as it’s oil is ripe for the taking by Dido the Terrible of Carthage.