Total Victory: Dido Queen of Carnage

I recently bought All of the Civilization 5 content after becoming not exactly bored of Civ 6 but looking for a change of pace. And boy if I didn’t get it with 5 everything is different builders don’t use charges. Diplomatic victory is a thing and there are SO many options available. That being said I have another civ series for you. And it's called:

Dido Queen of Carnage

In which I will be playing the Carthage Civ. Carthage excelled in both early game warfare and maximizing the money output of its coastal cities through free harbors, or capture. This make Carthage excellent at both early game land grabs through conquest or for late game diplomatic plays by buying off city states. Now without further ado we will get to the game at its very beginning.

Carthage settles by the sea with elephants fittingly nearby and sources of wine for our people. We send out scouts to find those who could oppose us. In our search we find both the city-state of Sydney and the Byzantine people lead by the clever Theodora. They must be close by because we have stumbled across them very quickly in our travels.

Quickly, we decide we are going to need societal tenets and policies in place to manage Carthage. Honor being the very first: it is what sets proud Carthaginians apart from the simple barbarians, and makes our soldiers all the better at fighting them. Carthage will develop its culture through facing these barbarians. In doing so we also attract the adoration of the nearby city-states and the thanks of the Byzantine. Crucial as they are our very close neighbor.

Carthage finishes its research of sailing very quickly in order to produce quinqueremes. Ships that we will use to explore the seas and menace our enemies. Our ships come across Quebec City and Monaco in their travels, attempting to circumnavigate the land mass to find the Byzantine Capital Just in case we have to war with them later.

Carthage is met by Harun al-Rashid, leader of the wealthy Arabian Empire. Meanwhile, Carthage continues to expand and it is very clear that we would do well to get ahold of another city and soon. Before all of the good land is taken by our neighbors.

We lay claim to Utique. It is dangerously close to the Byzantine but the land is valuable and our army is strong and will be able to protect it well. Our harbors create connections between our cities giving us an immediate gold advantage with which to fund our barbarian-slaying army. With multiple cities it becomes clear that Carthaginians must govern themselves. Policies of liberty are put into place in order to maintain our growing populace as well as increase our cultural development with each new city we create.

With the research on horseback (read: elephant back) riding Carthage enters into the Classical era signaling a major spike in power. With extra money from going back and forth between Carthage and Utique thanks to free harbors Carthage is just looking to have a fight. As well as a great general bolstering the power of our ranks

We meet the Moroccan Empire, lead by Ahmad al Mansur, whose city Rabat would ordinarily be impossible to reach by land. Not to Carthage it isn’t. Not by a long shot. We can and will traverse the mountains to get to any quarry. Using our war elephants and newly researched catapults we are going to make a very early and concerted war effort against Morocco in order to cement our standing on the global stage as well as knockout an opponent early.

With our military in position and catapults on the way We are ready to go to war. Carthage denounces Morocco because it feels like the polite thing to do. To battle we go bringing both our African Forest Elephants and quinqueremes to bear against the coastal city!

With some casualties, Carthage seizes the city of Rabat. Just as our siege units arrive via our newly researched embarkment technology. It's now just a matter of time before claim Morocco in its entirety. At a critical time, Oda Nobunaga of Japan also offers Carthage iron in exchange for wine, of which Carthage has plenty. Carthage takes the deal. In the hope of upgrading some of our warriors quickly which would be a great help against the Moroccan cities.

We have claimed victory over Morocco! Carthage’s bold moves have led to the seizing of a capital.Marrakech falls under our control. Now we only have to take the city Fes and we will have completely knocked Morocco out of the running.

However our empire already has some unhappiness and to completely destroy a civilization would make other world leaders incredibly displeased. Ahmad al- Mansur is willing to negotiate. For now peace is in order. Carthage must ensure the happiness of its people before the drums of war sound once again. Colosseums go up in several of our cities funded by our various trade routes. Happiness becomes positive once again though our reign is not kind. In fact it's positively medieval.

As the Medieval Era dawns in Carthage, we adopt a pantheon based on the Messenger of the gods which travels quickly over our water based city connections. We adopt policies of exploration to improve our navy and hopefully our coastal cities later on down the road. With the Moroccan Capital conquered and Carthage well on its way to being happy again so endeth the 100th turn.


  • Year: 800 AD
  • Science/turn: 33
  • Gold/turn: +10
  • Trade Routes: 3/3
  • Empire Happiness: -1 :(
  • Culture/Turn: 33
  • Faith/Turn 2
  • Total Military Units: 10
  • Total Civilian Units: 7
  • Civs Met: 5/9
  • Social Policies: 7
  • Total Cities: 4
  • Technologies Researched: 19

Join us next time where we will settle our domestic problems with either social change or yet more war.