Second Thoughts: Tr(y)umphant return to Overwatch

Recently, with all the news surrounding Blizzard"s new Overwatch League (OWL), my newsfeeds have been filled with little else but esports.

OWL starting in December, NALCS franchised and rearing to go for the Spring, and a cornucopia (getting into the holiday [yes, there is one between Halloween and Christmas] spirit) of traditional sports names dipping their toes into the esports ecosystem, have dominated the news cycle of both traditionally "nerd" forums and sport forums alike.

I've still yet to figure out which team I want to support (fellow EGF writer KamiJace recently made a good point that we should let a season go thru before picking favorites), but I find myself drawn towards the London Spitfire. Whether that is because of the C9 connection, my being a slight Anglophile, or Tracer"s...poses (too late for that callback?), I am not quite sure.

This inundation of Overwatch (OW) news, however, has sparked an interest towards the game with me that has gone dormant since its release. I initially purchased OW on release and spent approx six hours delving into it. The graphics/aesthetic were incredibly attractive, and I loved the little time I spent with it. Unfortunately, the game wasn't able to help me kick the League addiction I had at the time, and I quickly left it for the internet"s favorite MOBA. Over a year later, I've finally decided to make a pilgrimage back to Blizzard's FPS esport title.

Booting up the game, it took about three matches before my hands adjusted to the forgotten pattern of FPS structure. I went to my go-to class in competitive games (Support) but found myself too slow and unfamiliar with the game again to be anything nearing competent/helpful on Mercy (the only “hero” I had spent more than an hour on). With this failed experiment, I decided to grab myself relatively mobile dmg dealers in Pharah and Widowmaker to get back into the swing of things.

I found my footing again and even landed myself among the voting for "player of the game" within a couple matches. It genuinely felt good to play this game again. I found myself missing what little I had remembered of it. I"m incredibly happy with the attention the game is garnering, and feel it will be a great game to have at the forefront of esports titles attempting to draw in the masses who may be less familiar.

My goals moving forward with OW (I shall keep you updated both here and on my twitter) will be to become competent with/if not actually pretty decent with a handful of characters, each from the separate roles in OW. As far as dmg dealers go, Pharah seems incredibly fun. D.Va and Reinhardt seem like interesting tanks, while Widowmaker a great defensive/long range attack hero. Finally, I really want to return to my true love Mercy in the support role.

Fitting OW into my rotation of games is going to be the most interesting part of refinding OW over the next couple weeks. LoL just made some impressive changes with the rune/masteries rework (which I think have made the game easier to newcomers), and with Destiny 2 starting to demand some of my time as well, it will be hard to find a good balance. Not to mention Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (the 2nd 2) comes out soon, and that will bring a few friends across the states closer together for at least some amount of time.

I do plan on playing OW much more moving forward tho, and if you"d like to play with me as I get my legs under me again you can find me at the IGN RogueBludger. I would love to play a few games with some EGF friends and family sometime.