Reviewing The FFXIV Stormblood Job Actions



Stormblood is introducing red mage; and samurai, both of which are DPS. So, while I think it’s safe to say that queue times for DPS may be atrocious for awhile, what else is happening in the DPS world?

Well, right now it’s looking as though samurai is going to be the new #1 DPS as they offer moves with insanely high potency, such as “Midare Setsugekka” which a potency of 720 and Hissatsu: Guren at 800. Both of these, especially Setsugekka, seem pretty readily available. Compare that to the current highest of ninja’s sneak attack at 500, which has a 60 seconds cool down, and that’s a pretty massive increase if you ask me. Samurai also offers the third fastest DPS job (right after monk and ninja), so I can’t imagine anyone contending samurai for highest DPS. However, they offer very little utility and will be nothing more than a massive damage dealer. Dragoon and ninja seem to have plenty of utility, as they both offer multiple ways to increase the raid’s damage output. Monk is also getting a little utility, such as a 5% damage increase to anyone nearby for 15 seconds with a 90 second cool down. However, this is pretty minimal, so unless their damage is close to a samurai’s, I am unsure where they’ll stand.

As for range DPS, bards and machinist both seem pretty balanced. Bards will now be rotating all of their songs every 30 seconds, as they each give the party a 2% crit bonus for that time, as well as each giving an additional effect that helps out the bard itself. Machinist seems to revolve around their heat gauge mechanic, where they’ll be able to build up heat to unleash certain moves such as their flame thrower. Bard will likely excel a bit more when it comes to support, but machinist isn’t missing anything vital and should be able to make up for its lesser support with the extra DPS.

Now for the mages. Black mage seems pretty natural, with skills that add to their pre-existing tool kit quite nicely, such as the spell “Thunder IV.” They also get a nice little ability called “Between the Lines” which will allow them to instantly teleport back to their “Ley Lines” so they can resume max DPS when forced to move from their position. Summoner now only has two DoTs, meaning it is no longer the DoT mage. Instead, summoner will have additional skills to summon Bahamut - similar to their current “Dreadwyrm Stance.” My personal favorite from summoner being a skill that temporarily transforms their egis into Bahamut. Red mage seems to be a quite powerful DPS mixed with a fair share of support abilities, such as “Verraise,” which is just another reviving spell. Their true power looks like it will stem from their “Dualcast” trait, which allows them to cast every other spell instantly.


There isn’t a whole lot to say about the tanks, really. Paladin should no longer be the reject of the tanks, as not only are they able to take hits as hard as ever, but also are able to deal out the extra damage needed. Fight or flight is being reduced from a 90 second cool down to a 60 seconds, meaning that paladins will have their 30% damage increase up half the time. They’re also getting numerous new DPS skills, including a spell called “Holy Spirit” with a potency of 430. This will be interesting not only for the high potency of the spell, but also because it’s the first damage dealing spell that paladins have received.

Warriors seem to have their place cemented as off-tank, as they’ve received more DPS skills and lost “Vengeance,” which was one of their best defensive cool downs. However, they do get two abilities that cleanse them of detrimental effects, so if the bosses in Stormblood seem heavy on that then they could still have a place as main tank.

Dark knights will now have the highest potency damaging move when it comes to tank, called “Bloodspiller.” This skill has an attack potency of 650 if both “Grit” and “Dark arts” are enabled, and less potencies if only one is enabled. However, it costs 50 blood, meaning it’ll be situational on whether or not you need to spend that blood elsewhere, such as on recovering MP with the ability “Delirium.”


I’ve been seeing quite a bit of drama in the healer community, mostly over white mage and astrologian, but I don’t think there’s much to worry about personally.

Let’s start off with astrologian. Astrologians will be getting even more utility to add to their ridiculous amount of it. They’ll be receiving a new ability called “Earthly Star” which is able to be placed and then exploded. The longer you have it down, the more powerful the explosion will be. Similar to white mage’s “Assize”, it will both heal party members as well as damage enemies. Their level 70 ability is “Sleeve Draw” which casts “Draw,” “Royal Road,” “Spread,” and “Minor Arcana” all in succession while not overwriting your current cards. Essentially bombarding the party with buffs.

As for scholars, some fun and interesting spells are to be expected. “Excogitation” is an ability that scholars can place on other party members, which automatically cures them when they fall below 50% HP. They’re also receiving “Chain Stratagem” which they’ll be able to place on enemies, increasing the rate that critical hits land on them.

White mage is definitely keeping their place as the all-out-healer, as they’re still not getting any utility added to their arsenal. Most of the white mage spells and abilities seem to revolve around more high potency heals or straight damage, rather than buffing other members. However, they are getting a few new ways to manage their MP with skills such as “Thin Air” which will make all spells cost 0 mana for 12 seconds, and only a 2 minute cooldown. On top of that, they’ll also be getting “Secret of the Lily” and “Secret of the Lily II.” Secret of the Lily will reduce the cooldown on “Assize,” and “Asylum” by different percentages depending on how many lilies the white mage currently has (with the maximum being three and a reduced cooldown of 20%). “Secret of the Lily II” will reduce cooldowns of these abilities by five seconds 20% of the time a “Cure” or “Cure II” crits. Since “Assize” is not only a heal and damaging ability that costs 0 MP, but also restores MP with it, having it more readily available should give white mages a lot more MP to work with.

While astrologian and scholar are both getting some nice utility added, the white mage should more than make up for it with their heavy DPS now that they shouldn’t be running out of MP as easily.


There are lots of changes to many of the jobs coming, as well as many players worried about how everything will balance out. However, considering we still have no idea what the actual raids themselves will consist of, I think it will be interesting to see how everything falls into place and hope for the best. Maybe samurai won’t deal as much raw power as it seems it will, and for all we know warriors could be a valuable main tank due to their ability to clean detrimental effects. and while white mages may not have utility, their raw healing output and DPS could prove very useful.