Overwatch Re-imagined as Heroes of the Storm #5- Ana

It all started back in Blizzcon 2015 when Tracer was announced to be in Heroes of the Storm (HOTS). There was speculation for many months as to how they were going to approach Tracer and the other Overwatch heroes, but now that Tracer has been released we’ve found out just how well Blizzard mirrored Overwatch’s gameplay. As a player of both games, I thought it a fun experiment to try to imagine all of the Overwatch heroes as HOTS champions. This will also serve as a lasting legacy of how wrong I was when the heroes actually end up coming out!

Note about the series: The series will be using a gradation system to express the values of abilities, instead of actual numbers. For example: “DVA’s ultimate does Large damage” instead of “DVA’s ultimate does 700 damage”.

This edition I’m going to take a look at one of the most polarizing heroes in Overwatch, Ana. The thought of a support sniper was a cool idea, but the community didn’t give her much of a shot (no pun intended) before calling her unplayable. Flash forward to Overwatch competitive Season 3, and Ana is one of the most powerful heroes in the game and has even defined professional metagames. I see no better time than now to introduce Ana into the Nexus!

My philosophy with building her is similar to that of Varian. She is going to be categorized as both a Support AND an Assassin. I really do like the way that Varian was designed, as it allows for drastically different types of gameplay to be achieved using the same hero. By choosing different talents, Ana will have the ability to be like Morales, Nova, or something completely different!


Passive: Biotic Bullets - Ana’s basic attacks can also target allied heroes to heal them for a Small amount of health.

Q: Focused Snipe - Ana fires a sniper round in a straight line. The shot penetrates two heroes (both enemy and allied). Allies hit by the shot are healed for a Medium-to-High amount of health and enemies are dealt a Medium amount of damage.

Cooldown: 8s

W: Sleep Dart - Ana fires a skillshot in a straight line. Enemy heroes that are hit by the dart are put to sleep for 5s. If a sleeping target takes damage they wake up.

Cooldown: 25s

E: Biotic Grenade - Ana throws a grenade that explodes on impact in a Small AOE. Enemies hit receive a debuff that negates healing for 3s. Allys hit are healed for a Small amount and receive 50% more healing for 3s.

Cooldown: 10s


Nano Boost - Gives target ally Small healing over time, Small damage increase and Large attack speed increase for 10 s

Cooldown: 100s

Biotic Hunter - Ana’s base damage on her auto attacks and focused snipe increase a Medium amount. Ana’s healing is reduced on all of her abilities.


Robo Medicine - Ana makes target friendly hero invulnerable for 3s. That hero permanently gains a 150 health shield. The shield can only be applied once per hero.

Cooldown: 100s



Enhanced Ammunition! - Quest: Collect globes to increase the range of Ana’s Focused Snipe by a Small amount for 5 seconds. After 25 globes, Ana gets a second charge of Focused Snipe.

The Big One! - Increases the AOE of Biotic Grenade.

Bullseye - Quest: Landing Sleep darts reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds. After 10 hit sleep darts, Sleep dart will deal Medium damage when it initially hits.



A Little Tingle - Biotic grenade deals Small poison damage to enemies over the next 5 seconds.

Ice Dart - Sleep dart will cause the target to be slowed a Small amount for 3 seconds after waking.

NyQuill - Sleep Dart can target friendly heroes to put them to sleep for 2 seconds, but rapidly heal them.



Shield Ball - Biotic Grenade gives a Small shield to friendly heroes.

Big Game Hunter - Ana’s Auto Attack deals an additional 5% of the target’s health as damage every 7 seconds.


10 (see abilities)


Huntress’ Mark - Enemies hit by Sleep Dart are ‘marked’ for 25 seconds. Marked targets take 10% increased damage and are revealed.

I… Found These - Ana can throw a healing orb (Zenyatta’s) on to a nearby Ally. Allies affected by the Harmony orb heal a Small amount over time. Orb lasts as long as the target is in a Medium Range of Ana.  Only 1 orb can be out at a time.

Cooldown: 2s



A Little Extra Oomph - Every 10s Ana’s next auto attack becomes a Focused Snipe.

Grandma’s Candy - Every time an enemy dies within range of Ana, there is a chance that the enemy will explode with Candy that will heal allies who pick it up.



Storm Shield - Activate to provide an AOE shield to friendly heroes.

Like Daughter like Mother - Active: Ana fires a rocket in a straight line in front of her. When it hits an enemy, it explodes in a Small AOE and deals Large damage.

Cooldown 30s

DoubleDown - Increase the effects of the ultimate you picked at lvl. 10.

I wanted to take Ana in a direction that was similar to Varian; I think that Varian set an awesome precedent for Hero design moving forward. Being able to pick a hero and not really be locked into one role is really fun for players who may get burnt out after many hours of play.

This is honestly an initial build that would need a lot of testing and morphing. I may be a little too ambitious trying to have two divergent classes like Support and DPS. I think that there is definitely a sweet spot to balancing my initial build, but like my entire series, it would take many months of professional testing to uncover that. I think at the end of the day, the Ana concept is at the very least a fun way to build a hero.