FFXIV - What to Expect In The New Year

2017 has been an exciting year for fans of Final Fantasy XIV. We’ve seen many updates and changes, such as major combat changes to PvP, two new jobs, several new raids, and primal battles. Much of which was introduced with the release of Stormblood, its second expansion.  With the year wrapping up now though, what can we expect to see in this upcoming year of 2018?

For starters, patch 4.2 should be releasing sometime in mid-January. With this, we can expect to see the next raid tier of Omega, welcoming in what will likely be versions 5-8 of the raid. I am curious to see the route that the raid takes, as the throwbacks to Final Fantasy V in this tier made me rather happy. My bets are that the boss fights this time around will be dealing with enemies iconic to Final Fantasy XII. FFXII takes place in Ivalice, the same world that the Rabanastre raid takes place in, introduced in patch 4.1, which would provide a nice segway into the second Omega tier. However, another thing that suggests to me that it might take place with FFXII bosses,  is that FFXII is one of the few games in which Omega has appeared - FFV being another, which we’ve already seen now with the current raid tier.

Eureka is another addition we can expect in patch 4.2, ushering in the return of relic weapons - often the most powerful weapons in the game with customizable stats, and possibly also introducing relic armor. Unlike in the past when players would farm different objectives through already existing content, Eureka will be a new zone entirely dedicated to farming for the relic quests - which makes me particularly excited for this update, as I am curious what the new zone and objectives will yield. I’m also interested to see just how grindy this will all be, especially if we are indeed getting the relic armor as well, considering in the past the relic weapons tended to get easier and shorter each time. With the addition of armor, I imagine they may make it even less of a grind in order to accommodate players to have enough time to get everything. I expect we will get more answers during this week’s Live Letter from the Producer, so we can look forward to that.

While I personally always did enjoy the old relic system, it did get tedious and repetitive after several renditions, I mean my goodness how many times can a player run Brayflox Longstop (Hard) before losing their sanity? In the past we had several relic steps in a row all benefiting the most from players running that instance, each step which took many players weeks of farming just that one dungeon in order to obtain their new relic. Needless to say, I expect this change to have a nice warm welcome - especially if it’s at least slightly innovative.

The end of this year is also bringing us another Fan Fest, which was just announced to be taking place in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Paris. I imagine we will get the announcement for the next expansion during it, and while that may seem rather soon since we just got Stormblood earlier this year, it’s a safe assumption that the expansion itself wouldn’t come out until mid-2019. Still, the thought of the announcement by the end of 2018 is rather exciting for me.

Overall,  I believe that we can expect to see how all the changes that Stormblood brought us will get flushed out and be put into action, now that its infancy is coming to a close. I hope that the new relic system is more enjoyable than the previous, and can’t wait to explore Eureka.  While the  Fan Fest is still a long ways away, the idea of it starting in this upcoming year is very exciting for myself, and I think we can expect some nice announcements.