Breaking my Back(log) Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

This entry into my backlog may look a little different. I’m experimenting with some new formats. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I recently started playing Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition (EE). I saw that the second game in the series was released and figured it was about as good a time as any to finally try and cross the first off my list.

I grew up playing RPG-esque games a lot. Champions of Norrath, Diablo, Dungeon Siege, etc. Other than a short stint with both Baldur’s Gate, and Legend of Grimrock, I generally avoided playing true RPG games, however. I’m not sure why, but I always seemed to have a bit of an aversion to turn-based combat games (with the exception of KOTOR...I played that game about as often as I could, although I often didn’t take advantage of the pause during combat).

This edition of Breaking my Back(log) will cover my first three hours spent with the game. I may return to this series with some more coverage of the game, although I’m not sure I will play Divinity to completion.  I’ll cover a little bit of the story so far, the early combat mechanics, my thoughts on the musical score, the look of the game, and how difficult I thought it to be.

The Source, Orcs, Sorcerers, medieval weaponry, and silly hats. Divinity: Original Sin: EE.


On a scale of Diablo to KOTOR, it’s closer to the Diablo spectrum. Only 3.5 hours in, but seems similar to fantasy RPG’s so far. There is a story mode there, and it is a bit more engaging than some RPGs I’ve played in the past, but it’s not really the driving reason to play the game.


Turn-Based. Started out a bit confusing (scrolls vs abilities) can be difficult setting up for the correct attack/defensible position, utilizing teammates, and combos, but seems like something that shouldn’t be too hard to pick up. Definitely a nice nod to traditional RPGs. I would premise that the combat is the biggest draw for this game. Planning out combos, and using the environment made for engaging fights, which stretched the mind.


Traditional fantasy music, occasional odd not/instrument thrown in to distinguish itself from others. I thought the music was well composed. However, it neither added nor distracted from the gameplay. Combat sounds were pretty decent. Nothing seemed out of place here. The environmental sounds were nice. All in all, the game’s music and sound kept me engaged while playing but didn’t really leave me with anything memorable.


Clean and impressive on a GTX 1080. Has a few quirks which make it endearing (Bucket Helmet). The game set itself apart from traditional (read serious) RPGs by using unconventional armour and weaponry.









I am playing on normal mode. Seems like the combat will give me a challenge, especially as I progress to higher levels. The hardest part so far is balancing when to use abilities/skills and when to try to use the environment to one’s advantage. Definitely, a change of pace if used to games like Diablo or other hack/slash types, but more approachable than a lot of traditional RPG games.

Ultimately, Divinity: Original Sin EE, is a good game which hasn’t quite drawn me in. I probably won't finish the game, nor will I go out of my way to recommend it to my friends; however, it is not a bad game. If it’s on sale on Steam, and you enjoy RPGs, it would be a decent pickup, even if you never play more than 10-15 hours.